Intrigue and treachery stalk the grimy streets

and the royal courts of Elizabethan England.

Returning from war, Rafe Fletcher finds his family accused of treason. Weapons they designed are involved in a conspiracy.


There’s a new plot to  murder  Elizabeth and place Mary, Queen of Scots, on her throne.

Recruited to work for Walsingham, the Queen’s spy master,

Rafe’s only hope to save them lies in infiltrating the criminal underworld of nefarious siblings Nick and Vivian Swift.

Rafe discovers it’s Viv who is the mastermind of the duo. Bold, clever and ruthless, Viv is also loyal and fiercely passionate. Rafe fights the intense magnetism that pulls him ever closer to destruction. But desire defies every warning he gives himself and they begin a blazing affair.

But murder and betrayal severs their newly formed trust. Restoring that trust may be the only way Rafe can save the Queen, his own family, and the woman he’s come to love. Their adventure takes them from the fledgling theatres of Shakespeare’s London

to the desperate corridors of Bedlam,

from the deadly backstreets of the Clink

to the glittering court of Queen Elizabeth.

It is a world of dark secrets and darker intrigues.

Will the fire of their passion burn bright enough to incinerate the lies, and illuminate the truth?