London 1586

Imprisoned in Bedlam, Adrian Thorne wonders if he may indeed be mad.
Every touch is a new hell, revealing the sorrows, the sins, the sadistic crimes of others.
Except for his one touch of heaven—Lady Claire Darren.

Rescued from the mental and physical torture of Bedlam Asylum, Sir Adrian seeks to regain his stolen birthright.

He wants only solitude and peace, a return to Ireland.

Claire’s alchemist father promises he has the power to control his destiny.

But Adrian’s fears run so deep he vows never to drag Claire into the darkness that haunts him.

Claire defies his fear. She knows she’s found her heart, her soul. To her, Adrian is as magical as a unicorn and she means to follow him wherever he goes.

Even when he’s accused of murder. Even when he’s not certain of his own innocence.

The lovers’ quest leads them beyond Bedlam to the ancient pillars of Stonehenge…

…and on to the lavish court of Queen Elizabeth I.

Everywhere they turn they’re confronted with intrigue and duplicity.

Some want Adrian’s wealth, some want to seize his secret, and one wants to claim Claire.

Can Adrian take strength from Claire’s love?
Can he discover the inner alchemy to conquer the evil that threatens them both?