Warrior. Spy. Marian Montrose dons silk or chain mail with equal aplomb.

Sent by Queen Eleanor on a mission to Nottingham, Marian is waylaid in Sherwood Forest by the infamous Robin Hood. Her companions are stripped of their riches, but from her, Robin steals only one brazen kiss.

Seething with anger at the thief’s presumption and the haunting memory of his searing embrace, Marian arrives at Nottingham castle.

She  finds the sophisticated and seductive Sir Guy de Guisbourne a welcome distraction.

Guisbourne would be the perfect ally against the Sheriff and Prince John.

Butt the knight believes he’s already picked the winning side.

Deft at games of intrigue, Marian explores the secrets of Nottingham Castle.

Her quest is aided by her resourceful maid Agatha and the clever troubadour Alan A Dale.

One night, the Sheriff hosts an extravagant banquet for Prince John, complete with roast peacock.

Marian discovers Guisbourne’s involved in plans to steal the ransom meant to free King Richard the Lionheart.

Prince John is a vain fool, but the Sheriff is far worse than Marian ever imagined.

Still Guisbourne believes they will claim the kingdom.

Conquering her misgivings, Marian returns to the great oak in Sherwood.

There she recruits Robin with the promise of a pardon for him and all his men.
Now they are allies in the fight to return the king, but Robin wants far more from her.

Guisbourne may be lethally dangerous, but he does not threaten to consume both her body and her soul.

First Marian resists Robin’s magical allure, then succumbs, then resists again.

She fears the elemental power he has over her.

But love is finally irresistible.

Danger surrounds them. Betrayal separates them. But desire—and fate—will not be denied.